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High strength Nylon mesh

It is one of the most strong mesh in bolting silk. With strong thread, it can cut down the area of the placket. NYTAL XXX is widely used in flour and also has a long living. The width of the placket is 300-150  micron.

Slice for wheat flour purifier

With special mesh of POLYESTER PETGG  wheat flour purifier, we sea the slice to the mesh case.

Dimension: 534MM x 534MM

New type Nylon mesh

It has the same structure with Nytal XXX, but has more thin threat than Nytal XXX. It is used in cleaning block or cleaning ball. 

Net machine

Its characters are: strong structure, easily operating,, little maintains. It can used any size of mesh holes. Before putting the mesh onto the mesh holes, you can tighten the mesh holes in advance.  So that you can coincide the tension in all directions. And also you can adjust the tension freely with operating system.

SEFAR Nytal Milling
It is used in flour mill frequently. For its structure is different from others.. Make from twin wire, it has more rough surface, which can develop the sifting ability and effect. Two types are: 2X and XX. Placket range is 150-100micron.. it also can reach 300-100 micron for rye. 

Newton Tensiometer

In order to meet the tension of the holes, You can change it as you require. It ix so easy to test the tension of holes, that any one can do it. Proper mesh is little affected by products, humidity or weather,


It is often used in differencing riddling and flay from sieving. It is necessary to use elastic Nytal-GG instead of metal mesh. Using polyester metal wire, you need to enlarge placket by 10%. While nylon’s is only in 900-300 micron.  

Quick drying glue

It is a kind of quickly solid glue.

The characters are: operating easily, short time, non-wasting, . it serves in mesh cloth, synthetic materials or other metal, fine and thick materials.

And also applied by kinds of cases with wood ness, plastic, aluminum, steel and so on.


Having rougher surface, polyester mesh can slow materials’ flowing.. This mesh is little affected by materials, humidity or weather. Keeping toughing, mesh can hold the ability of cleaning.

And placket is 1800-212micron.

 Cleaning block
Cotton-made cleaning block is often used in milling industry.

Plastic cleaning block is made of polyester and consists wire or polyester nail. It has long life.

Plastic cleaning block with hairbrush often tends to spoil mesh. So you can use it to clean blind side.