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needle punched felt for cleaning       Back

Smoothness of the filter material has grate effect to its moving. Initial resistance of filter material is up to its ventilation. While resistance in moving is much more than initial one. Moving resistance rests with the smoothness of filter material’s surface and also the cleaning ability. If you want to get the good result, you need more ventilation, that’s to say, the less resistance, the better.  So that you can save much energy. Under the same condition (same back-flushing cleaner, same press, or same ventilation), good ventilation filter bag can do better than the common one.  

Now, we meet the problem how can we improve the ventilation and smoothness, reduce adhesive powder, and low the resistance to get the better filter. Luckily, we have developed needling carpet with resinifiction smooth surface. The ventilation is above 50% for filing than common one . and the surface is much more smooth than the press polish. Now we got the order to the ventilation from our laboratory according to the precision: singeing material> easy cleaning filter material> common press polish filter material. According to the moving resistance:

Easy cleaning filter material <singeing filter material< common press polish material filter.

Smoothness, ventilation and low resistance are our goal. Now you are provided another choose:  needling filter cloth with easy cleaning   surface