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     Main products: filter cloth, filter bag, nylon mesh, polyester mesh, needle punched felt,  non-woven cloth, filter mesh, filter paper, flour mesh, clearing lump, air filter bag, liquid filter bag, air permeable cloth, stainless steel mesh, mono filament filter cloth, PET yarn, PP thread, thread mesh, Screen mesh, bolting cloth, clearing bag, frame filter cloth, metal mesh, conveying belt, industrial cloth, filter belt,  canvas, window screening, filter element, filter cylinder,  geo-technical cloth , mesh fabric,  packing cloth, and so on.

        Located around the beautiful west lake in Hangzhou, Da Heng Filter Cloth Co., Ltd is one of the most important exporters of filter cloth. Her factory is seating in Tian Tai’s Scenic sport. She not only owns fine scenery and advanced equipments but also benefits from convenient communication.

    Our Company has concentrated researching, developing and producing kinds of filter cloth for air or liquid leaking. Applying for many international modern weaving machines, we can produce many types of standard filter cloth, such as: polyester series: 120-16, 3927, 120-7, 747, 758, 621, 611, 260, 240, 130, 8222 cylinder729; soft cloth 208; PP series: 750A, 750B, 521, 522, 4212, 4218; polyvinyl series: 295-101, 295-104, 295-102; Nylon series: 663, 301, 407, 630,cotton-made 21 yarn,,10 yarn for pressure filters,  belt filters, centrifuges.

        And also different types of stainless steel wire mesh, nylon net, special ventilating plate for conveying mesh belt are in our scope of business. The width of industrial cloth can even reach 5 meters. Which is our priority in China.

         In addition, we also have the ability of producing non-woven needle punched,  filter cloth, inorganic glass filers, costing membrane, and compounded treating filter cloth.

         The products are widely used in: chemical industry, sugaring, pharmacy, metallurgy, iron, building materials industry, non-ferrous melting, carbon black, machineries, foundries, electricity, and also some other fields.

         No pains, No gains. After years and hard working, we have got the certificate of ISO 9002. Which can help to protect customers’ rights further.

         Our motor and also our goals are “holding responsible for high quality, satisfying customs with good service, completing our exported products.”

         We, Hangzhou Daheng Filter Cloth Co., Ltd, keep the principle of  “hard-working, innovating, environmental protecting”. This will encourage us to devote ourselves to Human beings and environment in future.