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Brief introduction

of products

our company introduced a set of advanced polypropylene fiber of spinning and glueing method production line from Italy in 1993. It can  produce 3000 tons polypropylene fiber filament that has not spun cloth of spinning and glueing method per year, this technology is to adopt the polypropylene to cut into slices and pass high-temperature melting for raw materials, gush out slides and spread the net, hot rolling succession method produce 10g--200g/m heat gules filaments

Properties of product

     polypropylene spun bond fabric  width is 3.2 meter, various kinds of colors are up to people’s purpose, it is distributed evenly, brute force is high, toughness is great, the wearablility is good, soft and hared is suitable; acid proof and alkali-resisting, no toxicity, defending damaged by worms; completely ventilating and water, it is easy to wash and breath in the oil; Proportion 0.9/ cm3, soft point is 160 degrees.

use of  the products

Polypropylene fiber filament that has not spun cloth selling domestic and international markets,

it is received by Chinese and foreign users favorably deeply with good performance, cheap price Especially using it in the sanitary towel Diaper, napkin, suit lining cloth, disposable operating coat for health care, operation cap, gauze mask., special trade disposable work cloths etc., and it is extensively used in family property, decorates, the packaging, automobile, building materials, agricultural canopy membrane,  also can be used as geotechnical cloth, industry’s filter cloth, sucking oilskin, insulating cloth, tourism sports articles, article for daily use etc.