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 Metal Conveying Mesh        Back

   Popularized in home and overseas, metal conveyer mesh can work in mal-condition with long living. Since it is woven by special materials , it can stand high-temperature, acid, alkali. It is widely used in heat-treatment, electric industry, Kinescope, chemical industry, foodstuff

packing, asbestos, leather and other goods’ conveying. So it is very necessary to state the details such as: pitch, net step, material diameter width, length. Or please tell us the usage of the product that you order. It will be convenient for us to  design and make it precisely.















Twill square net’s character: spiral textile, convenient, graceful

Balancing type: Characters: owning curved strip, it can set the spiral textile into proper situation. The design can lessen disfigure and extensity.














Compound balancing type: having more holes, it can block tiny things. The characters are: tight net belt, extensibility- resisting.

Reinforcing type   Characters: with tight mesh belt, it can load something. It is mainly used in heat-treatment, food, leather, asbestos and so on. 











Chained mode conveying mesh belt

Character: under long belt or loading, you should choose this type to lighten loading.

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