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filter paper performance parameter technical parameters of non-solidity filter paper

our main filter paper: Automotive Filter Paper,Chemical analysis Filter Paper,Heatseal Teabag paper,series of long fiber filter paper

 Automotive Filter Paper
   non-cure automotive filter paper is mainly used to filter out impurities from air,oil and fuel as excellent material of filters.
  Non-cure automotive filter paper is an innovation which adopts the know how from J.C.Binzer Germany,the filters processed by automotive filter paper has the peformance of high efficiency of filtration,low cost ,light weight.It can supply the physical performance the filters required and can't come into being volatilixation and poisionous gases,is a kind of energy saving and non-pollution filter paper.
  Main performance and technical data:
  Type Application Basis weight
  XH347/20 filter air 135 \7g/O
  XH347/20-J filter oil
  XH1220 filter oil 127\7g/O
  XH1363 filter air(high load) 127\7g/O
  XH424 filter fuel 137\8g/O
  Other description :we can supply more series of products according to the customers >special requirement on the paper performance.

Chemical analysis Filter Paper
  Chemical analysis filter paper is being in qualitative and quantitative analysis and qualitative,quantitative,chromatographic analysis and test in the field of scientific study,industry,agriculture,medical and health,and environment protection.
  Other description :qualitative chemical analysis filter paper,quantitative chemical analysis filter paper,qualitative chromatographic chemical analysis filter paper.
  Main size:Square filter paper:600*600
  Circular filter paper:70mm,90mm,110mm

  Heatseal Teabag paper
  It is used to process as teabag,Heatseal teabag paper is processed as teabag by heatsealable machine.It has performance of soft papery.high wet strength.
  Main technical data:
  Basis weight 17-19 g/O
  Dry tensile strength(CD) −0.12kN/m
  Dry tensile strength(MD) −0.52kN/m
  Wet tensile strength(MD)−0.1N/m
  Filtration speed+2.0S
  White brighness −75%
  Smell NO
  Test of leaking fanning eligbility
  Other description :the roll width of heatseal teabag paper is as follows :

  Printing Dryers Wrapping Paper,Heatsealable Dryers Wrapping Paper, Masks Paper:
Dryers Wrapping Paper is used as the packing materials to pack the dryers and refresher on the heatseal paper machine.It is applied in the line of sanitary,electron,textile and food industry .Printing Dryers Wrapping Paper is printed on the basis of Dryers Wrapping Paper according to the requirement of the customers.
Masks paper is used to produce disposable paper masks,and is applied in the line of sanitary,electron and food industry.
  Dryers Wrapping Paper's main technical data:basis weight:28.5-31.5 g/O
   Masks Paper's main technical data:basis weight :15.0-17.0 g/O

series of long fiber filter paper:

Non-heatseal Teabag Paper
  It is used to process as teabag by heatsealable machine.It has performance of soft papery.high wet strength.
  The roll width of non-healseal teabag paper is 94mm,145mm.
  Lens Cleaning Tissue,Glasses Cleaning Tissue:
It has the performance of clean and soft ,and suitable for cleaning the lens of microscope,camera,glasses,magnifier,TV screen,etc.
Glasses Cleaning Tissue is suitable for cleaning glasses.
  Main technical data :basis weight :9-16.0g/O
  Synthetic Fiber Washing Paper Bag,Packing Tissue:
  Synthetic Fiber Washing Paper Bag is used as the wrapping bag for washing synthetic fibers.It has the peformance of high dry and wet strength.Good water permeability,soft,folding-proof,heat-resistant,acid and alkaliresistant.
  Packing Tissue has the performance of soft ,clean ,smooth,high brightness,high tenacity,good air permeability,bump-resistant.It has good protective function for wrapping syntheic fibers.
  Mica Tape Base Paper
  Mica Tape Base Paper is a kind of long fiber paper and the main isolating material for the electrical machinery industry manufactured by bast fiber and supply to make pad of mica tape.It has performance of even fiber tissue,strong tensile,good tenacity.
  Concrete bolting Paper:
  Concrete Bolting Paper is made of bast fiber.It is the specialty paper for making block and concrete bolting in the line of coal industry and metal mineral industry.It has performance of even fiber tissue,high dry strength,excellent water permeability.
Wire and Cable Isolating Paper:
  Wire and Cable Isolating Paper is manufactured by the raw material of bast fiber.It is a kind of new-style material,which is used in surrounding the roll of wire and cable conductor.It has performance of high strength,soft feeling ,even papery,waterfast,temperature-proof,and also has light specialgravity compare with traditional PD tape and polyester
  Plastic,has thinner diameter than Mylar.This material has solved the problem of rubber exuviation and skidding.
  Battery Separator paper:
  Battery Sparator Paper is the special produce for the application in the battery industry.The quality is reliable and has the performance of even papery,soft and highmoisture absorbency.