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Our company adopts advanced melting technology of gushing out, unique spinning equipment, scientific product design, widening the applied range of the products greatly. our company has rich technical force, gathering numerous crafts, equipment, managerial talent, working as one person to open up new-tipsy filter cloth, keeping improving the products, striving to make up to the world first-class level.

.Our products fulfils the melting  superfine potent and reach the high efficiency. It is mainly used in leaking air, oil, water. we can produce the products with cutting mixture of PET PA, PE/PP to meet your requirements on strength and water absorbing. In addition, high quality PP superfine fiber filter core is suitable in drinking-water, beverage and beer purified  and so on.

Our company produce the no spun cloth grams range in 10-200g/m2. Different internal diameter, length, external diameter of the filter core can be produced according to user’s demand. We also offer degradation, antibiotic, fire-retardant and resisting ultraviolet ray function. Polypropylene products are widely used in gauze mask, health care, environmental protection , HEPA have no dust room field.

Beside above-mentioned, we can also produce for the special demand because we have strong researching and developing ability. The product performance can match with imported products.  At present the products developed mainly are as follows: filter core used for engine oil filter with density type structure, and filter material of the respect in the blood.


WP 30

WP 60

WP 90

WE 60b

WE 70

WE 80

WE 90b

WE 100

WE 110b

W series filter material is flaky, length 2.2 meter, width ≤ 1.2 meter with maximum diameter between 10-150 microns. The material is polypropylene and Polyester. The maximum of working temperature is 80 for polypropylene, and 120 for polyester.