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printed cloth, polyester mixed cotton printed cloth       Back

Usage: mainly used in medical belt, handkerchief, packing cloth for box, shoes,Medical equipment, ladies’ goods, mackintosh and some other goods.


Name of printed cloth

Name of polyester mixed cotton printed cloth

20s bleaching or half bleaching cloth

 polyester mixed cotton bleaching cloth

21s bleaching cloth

 polyester mixed cotton color cloth

32s half bleaching cloth

   polyester mixed cotton color silk

32s water proof palm fiber

 polyester mixed cotton color yarn block

40s  bleaching yarn silk

 polyester mixed color cotton thread block

42s/2  golden line bleaching silk (non-shrinking)

 polyester mixed cotton printed  ammonia cloth

 kinds of color fine lining soft cloth

 color computer graphic cotton cloth

 kinds of color yarn silk


60 sling cloth


 21s bleaching gauze


 40s bleaching gauze


 324  bleaching pasted gauze


 kids of color cloth


 kinds of color twill weave


 kinds of yarn block


 kinds of  thread block


3036 film lining

In addition: If you need other special cloth, we can do it as per your sample or requirement.

128cm printed hectograph cloth

 carton figured cloth