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Printed and Dyed Cloth                             Back

Usage: they are mainly used in gloves, shoes, cloth shoes, toys, and hospital garments and so on.

printed weaving

printing and dyeing cloth



youth cloth

color 6 corduroy

color oxford woven

color 11 corduroy

color trellis cloth

color 16 corduroy

 color trellis woven

kinds of printed cloth

twill trellis woven

 printed soft cloth

blister trellis cloth

 printed yarn block

blister strip cloth

 printed crape cloth

 blister string trellis cloth

 printed blister yarn

trellis soft cloth

 lightening facecloth satin

indigo jeans cloth (8 ounce)



In addition: If you need other special cloth, we can do it as per your sample or  requirement.

indigo jeans cloth (10 ounce)

indigo jeans cloth (13 ounce)


 crape cloth

 108 bleaching thickness lining soft cloth

61 strip (for special urpose)