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  PTFE conveying belt is woven by 3 kinds of materials: fiber Nomex®Kevlar®glass, and then it is covered with PTFE.

It is applied to many sorts of direct fired dryerpacking machine、food machine and other production lining.

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Nonex®Kevlar® and glass covered with PTFE are relatively named TCNTCK and TCGF.






Coated with PTFE,  TCFG,TCK,TCN has little friction. So it has better dispensibility than any other conveying belt.

resistance to chemical reagents

It will not be influenced by most of the chemicals and dissolvent.


The conveying belts should be more strong in material KEVLAR than those ordinary belts.

temperature stability

There is no decrease of efficiency in the condition of temperature under 232 when it works.

air permeability

We can choose the material with openings. Which may enhance the air permeability of the belts to save the heat energy and   increase desiccation efficiency.

inflection strength


TCK has good tensile strength, inflection strength and long life-span. , so it can be used for minor wheel diameter.

Nomex has more inflection strength than other fiber, therefore it can work in high temperature.