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High filtering efficiency

Because the capillary membrane has characteristic of capillaries of unique crossing and fine filtration performance to ultra  thin dust and raising 1-2 orders of magnitude than ordinary filter material, with no fine dust or smoke remain.

Low operating obstruction

The surface filtration makes itself extremely smooth on the surface and is very good at striping dust, even the super-fine moist dust. Filtering run under obstruction all the time..

Fast-speed filtering

Micropore film composite filter material have low obstruction but high stability. Filter speed goes fast obviously, making the device structure of dust removal compact and steel dawdling amount reduces, increasing the air current quantity and raising the system collecting ability.

widely usage

Micropore film compound with different scrim have anti-acid, anti-alkali, heat-resistant, easy to strip (especially having good glass nature to dust that is easy to be  hygroscopic and hardened), and suitable to treat various industrial dust and recycle materials.

Saving  operation expense

 Low clearing frequency and operation obstruction decrease the energy consumption greatly, and reduce repairing workload and operating expense.

Long service life

Because of  the reduction of  the different pressure between inside and outside, the clearing times decreases and the dust fail to touch the scrim in order to reduce abrasion, stabilize the the filter material structure, and prolong the service life of  filter bag.