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   we produce high thickness needle punched felt, the thickness is from 1mm to 10mm,the weight is from 100g/m2 to 2000g/m2.

  Compared with ordinary filter material, needle-punching felt has many advantages as following:

1. High hole rate and good air permeability can increase the loading ability of the equipment and reduce loss and energy consumption. Acupuncture filters felts utilize stagger ranged material so its hole rate can even reach 70% .one time larger than mechanical filter cloth. Besides, bag filter made of needle-punching wool could shorten the size and save energy.

2High efficiency of cleaning and low density of gas.  The experiment shows:

The efficiency of  filtering 325 eye talc powder( middle diameter 7.5μm around ) can be up to 99.9%-99.99%, improve a order of a magnitude than the cotton flannel. Gas density can be greatly lower than the country standard stipulation.

3After heating, singeing and coating treatment, the surface should be smooth, difficult to stop up and out of shape, easily-dedusting and long using-life usually 1 to 5 times longer than mechanical filter cloth.

    4Extensive use and good chemical stability. It can filter normal atmospheric temperature or high-temperature gas including corroding gas mixed with acid and alkali, water, oil. Needle-punching felt is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, smelting, generating electricity, pottery, machinery, mine, petroleum, dyestuffs, food, grain processing, etc. It is an ideal medium to separate liquid from solid and ideal material to purify and filter gas.

    5The working temperature of Dacron needle-punching felt is under 150℃ when in smoke dust occasion

 Main technical parameter

Composition: Polyester

Weight (g/sqm): 500

Thickness (mm): 1.9

Tensile Strength (n/5x10cm): Warp: 1100, weft: 1200

Air Permeability(L/m2xs): 330-350

Working temperature: 130
Short working temperature: 150

Surface Treatment: singeing; Calendering