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 filter bag with bottom design       Back

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1.    Flat sewing bottom

Prevent loosing

2.       Sealed and enclosed orifice of spring

Cooperated with casting or concaved ring board

3.       Soft core card

String sewed into rim of the bottom or card, so the sack embracing hoop fixing on colored board sleeve.

4.       Round bottom of filter bag

The bottom is round or oval,  the sewing way adopting double embroidered needle.

Bottom of braided bag adopts interweaves embroidered, and usually use the bottom of the dual layer bag.

5 .Compress circle

The bottom is riveted by stainless steel circle, sewed into card for fixing no hoop on board interface.

6.        Bilateral trough sealed and enclosed spring clamping mouth

Cooperate with straight colored board

7. non rim top


In order to prevent the bottom of the bag from powder or dust, it should be sewed a circle skirt around bottom.